Review Request: Fix Warning messages when closing About popup

Albert Astals Cid tsdgeos at
Thu Jul 19 22:08:59 BST 2012

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Review request for kdelibs, Frederik Gladhorn and David Faure.


There is a too agressive check in KWidgetItemDelegateEventListener that complains about
"User of KWidgetItemDelegate should not delete widgets created by createItemWidgets!"
when closing an about dialog.

I tried making it less agressive but since i could not, i'm just deleting things in a different order in the destruction of KAboutApplicationDialog so that the warning is not triggered and our users get angry

This addresses bug 301628.


  kdeui/dialogs/kaboutapplicationdialog.cpp 2c98f74 



Dialog still works, valgrind doesn't complain, the warning is gone


Albert Astals Cid

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