khtml/kmultipart/kmultipart.cpp uses wrong signal

Martin Koller kollix at
Fri Jul 6 22:36:13 BST 2012


for this trivial bugfix I'd rather not go through reviewboard:


Object::connect: No such signal KHTMLPartBrowserExtension::openURLNotify()
Object::connect:  (sender name:   'KHTMLBrowserExtension')
Object::connect: No such signal KHTMLPartBrowserExtension::setLocationBarURL(QString)
Object::connect:  (sender name:   'KHTMLBrowserExtension')


--- a/khtml/kmultipart/kmultipart.cpp
+++ b/khtml/kmultipart/kmultipart.cpp
@@ -356,8 +356,8 @@ void KMultiPart::setPart( const QString& mimeType )
         // Forward signals from the part's browser extension
         // this is very related (but not exactly like) KHTMLPart::processObjectRequest
-        connect( childExtension, SIGNAL(openURLNotify()),
-                 m_extension, SIGNAL(openURLNotify()) );
+        connect( childExtension, SIGNAL(openUrlNotify()),
+                 m_extension, SIGNAL(openUrlNotify()) );
         connect( childExtension, SIGNAL(openUrlRequestDelayed(KUrl,KParts::OpenUrlArguments,KParts::BrowserArguments)),
                  m_extension, SIGNAL(openUrlRequest(KUrl,KParts::OpenUrlArguments,KParts::BrowserArguments)) );
@@ -380,8 +380,8 @@ void KMultiPart::setPart( const QString& mimeType )
         connect( childExtension, SIGNAL(enableAction(const char*,bool)),
                  m_extension, SIGNAL(enableAction(const char*,bool)) );
-        connect( childExtension, SIGNAL(setLocationBarURL(QString)),
-                 m_extension, SIGNAL(setLocationBarURL(QString)) );
+        connect( childExtension, SIGNAL(setLocationBarUrl(QString)),
+                 m_extension, SIGNAL(setLocationBarUrl(QString)) );
         connect( childExtension, SIGNAL(setIconUrl(KUrl)),
                  m_extension, SIGNAL(setIconUrl(KUrl)) );
         connect( childExtension, SIGNAL(loadingProgress(int)),

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