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Am 04.07.2012 00:04, schrieb Aurélien Gâteau:
> Le mardi 3 juillet 2012 18:24:41 Ingo Malchow a écrit :
>> In an ideal world we could really work around such issues with
>> some semi-automated ways. Just an idea: Those who do like the
>> idea of doing a manual in a online wiki could just teach their
>> respective users how to properly format their manual. This
>> reduces the overhead on developers, but also improves the 
>> integration of user contribution. Once a release is about to
>> happen the page can be closed (protected from further editing)
>> and exported to docbook and put into some git/svn repo. This
>> needs some adjustments on the docbook export, but those are
>> technical details, so i skip that here. At the same time our
>> group leaders for languages can be poked to review their
>> translations on the current state of it. Which is AFAIR the
>> workflow on the offline translations as well. Now you can easily
>> translate on- or offline in the usual way and it can finally be
>> merged in the final manual release.
>> As sidenote for those without internet, we can also produce a pdf
>> at release dates, not sure everybody is aware of that.
> I like your idea: it let users collaboratively write documentation
> on the wiki, while still making it possible to produce formal
> offline-usable manual at release time.
> The only thing which worries me is updates of stable versions of
> the manual: is it possible to maintain "stable" and "master"
> versions of the documentation in the wiki?
> Aurélien

This is indeed not possible in a wiki without copying content to 2
different locations. But that shouldn't be too complicated to fullfill.

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