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Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at
Sun Jul 1 22:08:43 BST 2012

So, in essence, the summary of the thread so far:

- libs still need to be compilable by old compilers until we get
Qt5/KF5 (afterwards, the requirement will be that of Qt itself)
- apps that don't target Mac, can depend on gcc-4.5-equivalent
compilers, as present in all stable releases of important distros
- 4.6 is desired for the features, but problematic since not all
current stable versions of distros sport this version (last to fall
into line - Slackware)

So, which are the new features in 4.6?
- Null pointer constant 	N2431
- Forward declarations for enums 	N2764
- Generalized constant expressions 	N2235
- Unrestricted unions 	N2544
- Range-based for 	N2930

>From my point of view, nullptr and range-for are the important ones.

> Please let's not require a compiler version which is not yet in already
> released versions of the distributions, released for let's say at least one
> month.

While KDE SC 4.10 doesn't target the current releases, I do see the
reasoning behind the idea to use the compilers available now in stable
distributions (obviously with the exception of Debian).

So, I'd be content in using 4.5 for the time being simply because the
two features I find important in 4.6 can be /simulated/ in 4.5.


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