KDE Frameworks 5: Rhythm

Valentin Rusu kde at rusu.info
Sun Jan 22 10:51:52 GMT 2012

Stephen Kelly wrote:

> Kevin Ottens wrote:
>> There's three main reasons for this rhythm:

> * KAction/QAction stuff - Don't know what's needed. If QAction needs new
> virtual method that would need to be determined soon. Is anyone driving
> that? Again, needs subtask here if it's going to happen:
> https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-20885

Well, I volunteered for this item but "real life/job" got a hold on me since 
the last meeting. But now I'm getting more time for hacking.

I wasn't aware about the QTBUG you linked us to. Thanks for that. And I can 
tell I'm far from having a precise plan about KAction merge. But I'll try to 
have one in a couple of weeks.

Valentin Rusu (vrusu)
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