Review Request: Avoid QDBusConnection Qt warning message for each KUniqueApplication

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Sun Jan 15 10:47:10 GMT 2012

On Saturday, 14. January 2012 22:36:44 Thiago Macieira wrote:
> On Saturday, 14 de January de 2012 18.38.02, Martin Koller wrote:
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> > Review request for kdelibs.
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> > Description
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> > All KUniqueApplications issue the warning
> > QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication.
> > Application may misbehave. when runngin with Qt-4.8.0 (qWarning in
> > QDBusDefaultConnection ctor)
> > 
> > The patch avoids this by temporarily creating a QCoreApplication instance
> If this is done before the fork, it's a REALLY BAD IDEA.

it is done after the fork (if there is a fork and not used with --nofork).

> If it's done after the fork, why is the connection created this early? I might 
> have written this code, but I certainly don't remember it anymore.

According to the header doc KUniqueApplication shall be used like this:

   *    if (!KUniqueApplication::start()) {
   *       fprintf(stderr, "myAppName is already running!\n");
   *       return 0;
   *    }
   *    KUniqueApplication a;
   *    return a.exec();

So one of the very first things the static start() method does is to
open the session dbus, and this is before a QCoreApplication is available.

So my idea here was to create one and delete it afterwards, which should
result in the same state as before the call to tryToInitDBusConnection()

If that is a bad idea, i'd like to learn why and what can be done otherwise.
(One other workaround to get rid of the warning message would be to set up
an own message handler to discard this message, but I'd rather not do that...)

Best regards/Schöne Grüße

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