hard-dep for Qt 4.8

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Fri Jan 13 11:50:27 GMT 2012

fredagen den 13 januari 2012 10.10.58 skrev  Mark:
> +1 for putting a hard dep on it.
> Reason: my distribution already has Qt 4.8 (Archlinux) and Qt doesn't
> release new versions for nothing. It's new, generally better, thus should
> be used.

Mark, Qt is forward compatible and thus you can use 4.8 while others use  or 
develop against 4.7.  So your rationale doesn't specify why you think it makes 
sense to force everyone to go through the upgrade of Qt.

The only reason is that you want to use Qt 4.8 features. But a simple ifdef 
can typically help.
Thomas Zander

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