Can we please have an updated and confirmed working "build KDE from source as separate user"?

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at
Mon Jan 2 00:19:50 GMT 2012

You load the oxygen style plugin from here:

while it should apparently be: ~/kde/lib/kde4/plugins

Since you can run applications from textshells this means your ~/.profile  
is not invoked by kdm or whatever sets up the session for you
-> put the exports somewhere into ~/.kde/env

For the rest, I've frankly not even an idea what you're talking about - i  
wasn't even aware there's some sort of "kdesrc-build knowledgebase  
Sorry, can't help any further :-(


Am 02.01.2012, 00:49 Uhr, schrieb Mark <markg85 at>:

> Hi,
> The current kdesrc-build knowledgebase article is incomplete and missing
> quite a few things to get everything working.
> Asking this because today i, yet again, wasted a dozen hours getting KDE  
> to
> run from git under a separate user.
> There isn't a good description for what needs to be placed in .bashrc and
> .profile and/or .bash_profile.
> Where i ended at this moment is the odd thing that dolphin (and all kde
> apps) crash when i run them from the desktop :  
> but
> runs when running from the command line. I have everything in .profile:
> after a million relogs, a couple dozen times
> removing my .config (thus also Trolltech.conf) and rebooting in case of
> libs and configs still in memory..
> Yeah, that gets frustrating after a few hours.
> This is what the (to be created) wiki page should tell the user:
> 1 - the steps to create a new user
> 2 - setting up the environment (can't help there since my environment  
> seems
> to be wrong somewhere)
> 3 - setting up kdesrc-build
> 4 - building the minimum required apps to have KDE running (no games, edu
> tools.. just the bare minimum with a working desktop environment)
> 5 - updating
> All other related pages should be deleted or link to the new one to avoid
> confusion like "which page do i need to have?".
> I can write down step 1 :)
> And please, if this is complete again.. PLEASE just keep it updated! It's
> taking so much time right now to just get it running.
> If you even get it running.
> Kind regards and happy new year!
> Mark

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