Review Request: KOpenWithDialog: Quote paths selected in the file dialog

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Sun Jan 1 21:49:19 GMT 2012

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Review request for kdelibs.


KOpenWithDialog expects the input in its line edit to be shell-quoted. Currently, however, when the user picks a path via the provided file dialog, whitespace and other special characters in the path are inserted verbatim. This leads to an error when the user tries to select an executable whose path contains such characters.

This tiny patch addresses the issue by adding a private slot that runs all paths coming from the file dialog through KShell::quoteArg().

I believe this solution is better than the one I originally proposed in the linked bug report, since it avoids the ambiguity of having to guess whether whitespace belongs to the path or an argument to the executable.

This addresses bug 281952.


  kio/kfile/kopenwithdialog.h 86c02ab 
  kio/kfile/kopenwithdialog.cpp b5ebbbf 




Ingomar Wesp

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