Please avoid noisy merge commits in frameworks

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Sun Feb 19 15:02:05 GMT 2012

Matt Williams wrote:
>> * Use gitk --all to see what would happen if you push. You should never
>> have to create merge commits. If you do, then please clean it up before
>> pushing.
> Yes, I realised after the fact that I had created one of these so
> sorry about that. I've already now switched to using --rebase. If one
> does accidentally create one of these merge commits, how can they fix
> it before they push?

Usually you can do something like 

* Run gitk to make sure the topmost commit is the merge and that you don't 
have any pending changes (if you do, then stash them)
* git reset --hard HEAD # Undo the merge commit.
* git rebase origin/frameworks # Move the commits to the top.
* gitk # Make sure it worked as expected.
* git push # push it.


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