Please avoid noisy merge commits in frameworks

Matt Williams lists at
Sun Feb 19 14:42:30 GMT 2012

On 19 February 2012 13:36, Stephen Kelly <steveire at> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I was reviewing the changes in the frameworks branch from yesterday.
> Something I noticed was that there are a lot of merge commits that don't
> need to exist.
> Please use `gitk` to see them.
> The unneeded merge commits actually make it harder to follow frameworks for
> me. It breaks things like using `gitk --first-parent` which should show only
> the commits in frameworks. If you now try that out, you will see that the
> people who made the unneeded merges actually hide commits from the people
> that didn't. See for example that if you run `gitk --first-parent` commit
> 011b6115d2dd91e9104095f3a5065e80009ea1a7 from David is not shown.
> This is also the reason you should not cherry-pick from 4.8 into frameworks
> by the way. If you cherry-pick, then 4.8 commits show up in `gitk --first-
> parent` when trying to look at only the frameworks branch. That means they
> are just noise, so please keep that in mind too.
> To help out:
> * Do not use git pull when working on frameworks. Use git pull --rebase
> instead.
> * Alternatively (preffered) configure git to always add an implicit --rebase
> to the pull command:
> * Use gitk --all to see what would happen if you push. You should never have
> to create merge commits. If you do, then please clean it up before pushing.

Yes, I realised after the fact that I had created one of these so
sorry about that. I've already now switched to using --rebase. If one
does accidentally create one of these merge commits, how can they fix
it before they push?

Matt Williams

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