KPushButton and deprecated setIcon ?

Martin Koller kollix at
Sun Feb 19 11:29:24 GMT 2012


I'm developing a new KDE application and use designer for the UI.
In designer I can set the icon for a KPushButton to a name in the field "Theme"
which results in a call to
        QIcon icon(QIcon::fromTheme(QString::fromUtf8("contact-new")));
However I get a compiler warning due to setIcon being defined as deprecated with
the following comment:

     * Sets the pixmap for this button. Rarely used. This one exists mostly for usage in Qt designer,
     * with icons embedded into the ui file. But you should rather save them separately, and load them
     * with KIcon("name") so that the icons are themeable.
    KDE_DEPRECATED void setIcon( const QIcon &pix );

I assume this deprecation was done before Qt itself had the possibility to load an icon from a theme ?

So should the KDE_DEPRECATED be simply removed ?

Best regards/Schöne Grüße

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