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2012/2/13 Ingo Klöcker <kloecker at>

> Are there more important reasons than "it scares Windows users"? Windows
> does already run so many services on its own. Why do a few more
> processes matter? Why do the users care anyway? IMNSHO, they should stop
> looking at their task manager or process explorer and simply use the
> applications. Or not use them if they are too scared. Did any Linux user
> complain about too many running processes?
Replace "it scares Windows users" with "it scares IT departments" and
you've got it. The reason? A dozen processes randomly started, IPC with no
security at all, makes difficult to upgrade/kill/know when to update
applications, and many more. I'm not making this out, this has already
happened to me.

> If those few processes do already bother them then I guess they will go
> completely nuts if they see that KMail+Akonadi runs 10+ processes.


Pau Garcia i Quiles
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