nepomuk restarting

Anders Lund anders at
Thu Feb 2 16:44:37 GMT 2012


I don't know if this is the right place for this, but:

I experience once in a while a need to kill off nepomuk/virtuoso-t and restart 
it. This again means that most apps depending on it must be restarted, ie 
bangarang, dolphin, gwenview and plasma-desktop is in a somewhat broken state 
after restarting nepomuk.

Would it be possible to make this happen automatically, like kdepim apps 
automatically reconnects when akonadi is restarted? Or signal that the service 
have been restarted to let applications know so that they can act?

Nepomuk itself also have some issues with handling problems. If virtuoso-t is 
killed, it is not possible to display the nepomuk  kcm.

I know nepomuk is meant to Just Work in the background, but it is a painfull 
fact that this is not always the case. Even when nepomuk becomes perfectly 
stable, it would not hurt being able to handle it getting killed.


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