Review Request: Make Sonnet::Speller::setLanguage threadsafe, fixing segfaults in krunner

Simeon Bird bladud at
Mon Aug 27 22:33:38 BST 2012

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Review request for kdelibs and Plasma.


Krunner's spellcheck plugin has been pretty broken since bd291d21f096a714a171e7af3a534ba345ca5659 (about two years ago) because it called Sonnet::Speller::setLanguage every time the spellchecker was invoked, which was (very much) not thread-safe.

This patch makes Sonnet::Speller::setLanguage threadsafe by protecting all access to the internal dict pointer using QReadWriteLock. 

A related review request is 106244, which adds more fixes to the spellcheck feature.

This addresses bugs 264779 and 303831.


  kdecore/sonnet/speller.cpp b19e74d 



Compiled, installed, used for a week or so, spellchecked a bunch of things.


Simeon Bird

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