Review Request: print-manager on kdereview

Daniel Nicoletti dantti12 at
Sat Aug 25 03:29:19 BST 2012

Sorry forgot to reply to all..
2012/8/23 Christoph Feck <christoph at>:
> On Wednesday 22 August 2012 21:39:11 Daniel Nicoletti wrote:
>> two years ago I started print-manager, at that time
>> I was using Debian which is affected by this bug:
>> because of this (and the fact I'm not a python fan
>> to fix the issue) I started print-manager a C++
>> implementation that could replace the current
>> solution and fix the bug I had.
> Given the fact that the above mentioned bug is about authorization,
> what does printer-manager do to avoid bug 242648, and how could its
> methods be transfered to other modules needing KAuth, such as the kdm
> or clock modules?

Well CUPS has it's own API for authorization, which is why I avoided
the polkit solution s-c-p-gnome now uses. It wasn't easy to make it
work right since CUPS API blocks, but it works reliable now that I wrapped
it on a thread.

>> * a KDED module to notify the user about new printers
>> plugged into USB being configured
> Thanks for caring about blocking D-Bus calls in kded. Hopefully QtDBus
> is thread-safe :) Will do a more deep review in the coming days.

Well I've been moving all my kded modules to threads to avoid those
blocks/deadlocks that happened in the past, and till now I had no issue
with that.

>> and please review the code :D which is right now at
>> but a sysadmin request to move has already been filled
> Sorry, cannot read sysadmin bugs. Where do you want it to move?

Since the idea is to replace s-c-p-kde it would reside where it is now,
so these repos would maybe go to unmaintained:

As the print-manager repo provides both things
* a plasmoid and a kded module to replace printer-applet repo
* a KCM to replace s-c-p-kde KCM
I don't really know the best destination and I would rather not
split this repo since it uses an internal lib, maybe
kde workspace would be a good place to stay.

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