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Daniel Nicoletti dantti12 at
Wed Aug 22 20:39:11 BST 2012

Hi list,

two years ago I started print-manager, at that time
I was using Debian which is affected by this bug:
because of this (and the fact I'm not a python fan
to fix the issue) I started print-manager a C++
implementation that could replace the current
solution and fix the bug I had.

Jonathan Riddell (system-config-printer-kde maintainer)
is and was aware of my work and had nothing against
it since it would mean less stuff for him to maintain.

It took a lot of time for me to decide this is mature
to properly replace the current solution because
choosing the best PPD for a printer is not an easy
task, but now s-c-p has a dbus interface exposing
these features so we don't need it running all the time.

On Gnome 3 their control center also features a printer
module written in C which uses s-c-p dbus interface
so s-c-p as a GUI seems to be faded to remain as
a helper thing only.

Due to this all features s-c-p-kde has print-manager
has it too, and due to the lack of maintenance
some features from s-c-p-gnome aren't available
on the -kde version, which I included in print-manager.

It features:
* a KDED module to notify the user about new printers
plugged into USB being configured
* a KCM module to manage the printers/cups options
* a Jobs widget UI to manage print queues
* a plasmoid to manage current jobs/printers
All the above use an internal shared lib called libkcups
which is threaded to be completely async. This library
handles CUPS authentication directly with CUPS
(s-c-p-gnome uses polkit).

Right now translations are mostly undone which is
why I feel important to do the move as soon as possible
so KDE 4.10 has it well translated.

Blog posts I've made about it

and please review the code :D which is right now at
but a sysadmin request to move has already been filled


Daniel Nicoletti

KDE Developer -

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