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Sat Aug 18 17:00:14 BST 2012

Am Dienstag, 13. März 2012, 18:53:29 schrieb makis marimpis:
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> Review request for KDE Runtime.
> Description
> -------
> Patches kactivitymanagerd to store (and restore back) the working current
> directory when switching activities.
> The activity-changing-behavior is as follows:
> 1.  Say you have two (or more activities) A and B.
> 2.  You are working on activity A on Desktop 4.
> 3.  You switch to activity B (and by default to Desktop 4).
> 4.  Change to Desktop 1.
> 5.  Go back to activity A and (by default) to Desktop 1, while it should
> move you to Desktop 4 (this is where my patch kicks in).
> I hope it makes sense :-)

Your description: yes. The change: no. I've tried to get used to it now for 
weeks. I find it utterly confusing the way it now is and it actually disturbs 
my working whenever I switch activities.

Can we get a way to disable this? Doesn't even need a GUI in the first step.

My usage is like this: I have a set of virtual desktops, every has a special 
meaning (e.g. 5 is konsole). It often happens that I want to just compare 2 
similar things, so I e.g. got to desktop 5, look at the terminal, switch 
activity and am not where I like to be. In general I do not know on which 
desktop I have been in the activity 5 minutes before. What do I care? I don't 
even remember. I know where I want to go now. Going back to a place I don't 
remember has no meaning in that kind of workflow. I understand it may have for 
other people using different workflows, but for me it actually confuses me when 
I try to work.

Thinking a bit more I just do "I want a terminal" so I go to desktop 5. If 
it's not the right one I switch to the other activity (I usually only have 2) 
and end up "somewhere" which may only accidentially be the right place, but 
usually isn't.


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