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the kimpanel dbus specification used is the same, while the implementation in frontend is different
kimpanel plasmoid use three level communication with input method framework, fcitx/ibus/scim <-> im glue <-> plasma dataengine <-> kimpanel
and kimtoy, fcitx/ibus/scim <-> im glue <-> kimtoy
im glue is a small app for bridging between native input method framework interface and kimpanel dbus interface, and it is the only piece of code currently shared
You may even find that these im glues in kimpanel plasmoid are forked from kimtoy.
sharing these im glues does make sense, but it also means to use the same repo for hosting kimtoy and kimpanel plasmoid, and that is not possible unfortunately.
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At 2012-08-17 04:55:30,"Albert Astals Cid" <aacid at> wrote:
>El Dijous, 16 d'agost de 2012, a les 13:06:55, nihui va escriure:
>> hi
>> Yes, we have kimpanel plasmoid in plasma-addons, and we have skim for scim
>> in old kde3 days. kimtoy is technically the standalone version of kimpanel
>> plasmoid with many additional features. Both kimtoy and kimpanel plasmoid
>> are strictly not input method framework like ibus, they act as frontend(or
>> panel) for the underlying input method frameworks. Users can still
>> write/type using ibus built-in frontend without KDE ones, but some nice
>> intergrations between KDE and input method frameworks will be missing, such
>> as storing ibus settings in kconfig instead of gconf/dconf and consistent
>> style in KDE environment, etc.
>> the benefits of kimtoy over the current kimpanel plasmoid includes:
>> no dependence on a running plasma desktop, you can use it in other DE like
>> xfce... kconfig intergration for ibus and scim
>> very powerful theming support and customization
>> more intergration, thumbnailers and strigi analyzers
>Is there any chance in sharing code between kimtoy and kimpanel plasmoid? Or 
>it doesn't make sense?
>  Albert
>> best wishes,
>> nihui
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