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Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Thu Aug 16 21:04:56 BST 2012

On Thursday 16 August 2012, Frederik Gladhorn wrote:
> Hi,
> a few of us trying to improve accessibility of KDE worked on a little
> library, LibKdeAccessibilityClient.
> What it does is making the AT-SPI over DBus protocol easy to use for KDE
> apps. This is the accessibility framework that we share with Gnome. It
> enables two way communication between apps and assistive tools. The first
> users for it would be the magnifiers in KWin and KMag - they can follow
> the focus with it. Further users will be screen readers and Simon with the
> AT-SPI plugin to dynamically create vocabulary for the running
> application's actions.
> I'd like to ask for initial review in order to move this tiny lib to
> kdesupport/frameworks. It's Qt-only and actually only consists of two

Line 9: why is there the 

condition ?
This will be evaluated at usage-time. At cmake-time you already should know 
whether LIBKDEACCESSIBILITYCLIENT_INSTALL_DIR is set or not and set it to 
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX if it is not set, but at cmake-time of the library, not 
at cmake-time of the using project.

Line 13: 

This hardcodes the include dir, which will be problematic under Windows, but 

Line 15: this one should be changed, it hardcodes a lot of stuff:


Please use the target-exporting feature of cmake

install(TARGETS kdeaccessibilityclient ... EXPORT MyExports ....)
install(EXPORTS MyExports ... )

and then install this export into the same directory as the Config.cmake file 
and include() it in the Config.cmake file.


Line 29:
instead of 

Line 30:
you rely completely on pkg_config to find atspi-2.
I would prefer if you could add a simple FindATSPI2.cmake, which first uses 
pkg_config and then uses its results as HINTS for the calls to
find_path() and find_library() (as e.g. done in FindLibXml2.cmake).

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