Review Request: Silence debug output in KBzip2Filter::uncompress

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Thu Aug 16 19:16:42 BST 2012

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Review request for kdelibs and Michael Pyne.


Only output warning message if the return value of bzDecompress is negative, which represents an error.

See e.g. bzlib.h:

#define BZ_OK                0
#define BZ_RUN_OK            1
#define BZ_FLUSH_OK          2
#define BZ_FINISH_OK         3
#define BZ_STREAM_END        4
#define BZ_SEQUENCE_ERROR    (-1)
#define BZ_PARAM_ERROR       (-2)
#define BZ_MEM_ERROR         (-3)
#define BZ_DATA_ERROR        (-4)
#define BZ_DATA_ERROR_MAGIC  (-5)
#define BZ_IO_ERROR          (-6)
#define BZ_UNEXPECTED_EOF    (-7)
#define BZ_OUTBUFF_FULL      (-8)
#define BZ_CONFIG_ERROR      (-9)

As such, all negative values (or anything below BZ_OK) represents an error. Without this patch, using
the KBzip2Filter would always spam the console with the following debug messages:

bzDecompress returned 4
KBzip2Filter::uncompress 1


  kdecore/compression/kbzip2filter.cpp 0f55334 




Milian Wolff

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