Review Request: Dolphin reports open locations to the activity manager

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Sat Aug 11 11:27:36 BST 2012

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Review request for Dolphin, KDE Base Apps, Plasma, and Frank Reininghaus.


Dolphin reports open locations to the activity manager (KAMD).

Reasoning behind the feature:
 - KAMD ranks the locations based on the time the user has spent in them
 - Share-Like-Connect applet can know what is open in dolphin

This is an compile-time-optional feature - turned on if there is libkactivities installed.

The find_package(KActivities) is located in the root CMakeLists.txt because this feature should also be implemented for Konqueror.


  dolphin/src/dolphinviewcontainer.cpp 31c82d6 
  dolphin/src/dolphinviewcontainer.h fd52806 
  CMakeLists.txt fab73c1 
  config-apps.h.cmake 43764ef 
  dolphin/src/CMakeLists.txt 5c1a6da 



With SDI windows, with tabs.


S-L-C showing dolphin folder


Ivan Čukić

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