Review Request: Fix hang in kcm_useraccount

Michael Palimaka kensington at
Thu Aug 9 11:24:26 BST 2012

On 2012-08-09 19:57, Rolf Eike Beer wrote:
> Ehm, no. If you don't unreadLine() but readLine() you will now discard
> the data previously read in by readAll() and only have the new input
> from readLine() which will be empty for sure. The case I'm describing
> here is: the process already exited and has written data.
> Eike
Huh, what am I missing? Looking in process.cpp from kdelibs, readLine 
unconditionally calls readAll, so it should be safe to skip the 
unreadLine, right? It works in testing with chfn denied - the kcm 
correctly reads the error message.

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