Review Request: Fix hang in kcm_useraccount

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Wed Aug 8 17:59:55 BST 2012

Am Mittwoch 08 August 2012, 07:59:07 schrieb Michael Palimaka:
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> Review request for KDE Base Apps.
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Seriously, I should stop suggesting anything about this. I seem to make things 
only worse.

Now we have the following situation in case the program has exited (if not the 
behavior is unchanged):

-we read in one line, if it is empty we break. What happens if the first line 
of output is empty and correct output comes later?

-the line is not empty, we continue (new check)

-we check if the line is empty (old check)

So, what now?

I would suggest the following:

-if empty, break
-find a linebreak, if we have one: unreadLine for everything beyond it, cut 
the input line we have
-move the readLine() and the isEmpty() of the old code together in the else 
(i.e. pidExited == NotExited).

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