C++11 requirement?

Ivan Cukic ivan.cukic at kde.org
Fri Aug 3 12:54:53 BST 2012

> So, that surprised me, because it was not discussed at all here.

There was a discussion regarding this. This is not abour Platform 4.

The summary was:
- kdelibs need to be compilable with old compilers (all that Qt supports 
- linux-specific parts can require gcc 4.5 (kwin, kactivities ...) for 4.10, 
with possibility to be increased to 4.6 after 4.10
- other things left kinda uncovered, but I guess 4.5 if they don't care about 
mac osx with gcc 4.2.

> I learned recently that central parts of KDE Platform 4 are depending on
> C++11 features:
> http://ivan.fomentgroup.org/blog/2012/08/02/module-giveaway-sessions-and-
> activities-updated/
> Using C++11 features in central parts of KDE Platform 4 effectively means

KAMD-specific answer:

So, the library in kactivities is compilable with any C++ compiler that 
compiles Qt.

The service will not be built if the compiler doesn't support some C++11 
features. The build should not break, if it does, please report.

Required features for KAMD:
auto - gcc 4.4
lambda - 4.5
unique_ptr - 4.3
variadic-templates - 4.3

*Optional* features (macro-defined if not supported)
nullptr - 4.6
override - 4.7

So, no, Platform 4 doesn't require C++11.

> activity-manager-v3 branch", which is not a merge at all, but a single giant
> patch (therefore making git blame git log and gitk useless in the entire
> repo from now on. Don't we care about history??? Ivan, please use --rebase
> when you pull, you're creating a lot of needless merges that don't
> communicate what a 'merge' usually needs to communicate).

I sometimes do this when the history of the branch is bad - in the case of 
refactoring most of the time.


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