patches too big for kdelibs 4.8?

Bernd Buschinski b.buschinski at
Wed Apr 25 19:31:37 BST 2012


I have kjs patches that I think are too "big" for KDE/4.8.

Now I wonder... where should I commit them to?
As far as I know kdelibs currently has "3" branches.

master: which I was told is like dead

KDE/4.8: bug fixes only

framework: KDE5

Well, you could call these patches "bug fixes" as they fix some missing 
javascript functionality and make some websites work. But you could also call 
them new features as you now can use more javascript functionality.
Personally I think calling them bugfixes feels somehow sneaky, to just get 
them in KDE/4.8.

So is frameworks the correct branch for me?
I think no, as framework does not have a fixed release date it too far away 
before it reaches the user.

I would love to have a KDE/4.9 branch, but looks like it is not planned.
As I plan to further hack on kjs there might be more patches coming and if 
possible I would love to keep the kdelibs<->my kjs patches distance close.

After all the helpful review and the intense ecmascript testsuite I feel 
rather confident that these patches work.
But as you might know the web is big ;-)
So big that it is impossible for to surf on all existing websites. And again 
5.0 might be "far" away, beside from the fact that the topic in #kde-devel 
says "no new features in kdelibs".

So as I am a bit lost here, back to my basic question, where should I commit 
to? Or how should I continue?


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