Review Request: Do not use the port number from /etc/services in sftpProtocol::setHost

Dawit Alemayehu adawit at
Mon Apr 16 15:06:39 BST 2012

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Review request for KDE Runtime and Andreas Schneider.


The attached patch does the following:
    - Removed code that set the port number to the one specified in /etc/services since it is completely the wrong thing to do for a client application.    
    - Cleaned up header includes.

Using the port number from /etc/services as a default is a common mistake that was fixed in all the other protocols a long while back. kio_sftp should not do that because if the port number is changed in /etc/services to something else other than port# 22, then it would be impossible for the user to login into another ssh server without explicitly specifying the port number as part of the url.


  kioslave/sftp/kio_sftp.h ca2b4ac 
  kioslave/sftp/kio_sftp.cpp f8591f8 




Dawit Alemayehu

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