Review Request: Add fromTheme property to QIconItem in QtExtraComponents for theme icons in QML

Mark Gaiser markg85 at
Mon Oct 31 21:01:16 GMT 2011

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Review request for KDE Runtime.



I found it very strange that QIcon::fromTheme was "just working". Sadly in KDE's brand new PlasmaComponents it was simply impossible to use the system icons without using plasma to view the QML. This patch adds a property to QIconItem named: "fromTheme" which allows you to get the icons from the theme you currently use. This patch alone isn't helping a lot of people but i have a second patch ready for PlasmaComponents.Button to make use of this.

Oke to commit?


  plasma/declarativeimports/qtextracomponents/qiconitem.h 9972a98 
  plasma/declarativeimports/qtextracomponents/qiconitem.cpp d72381e 



Tested it with a bunch of different icons in and it all just seems to work fine.


Mark Gaiser

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