detection if applet is running

Ruurd Pels ruurd at
Fri Oct 28 14:20:10 BST 2011

On Thursday 27 October 2011 23:35:52 Andriy Rysin wrote:

> I did a quick research and I see two ways to solve this in
> keyboard_layout_widget (embedded component used in lockdlg):
> 1) link plasma libs and do something like (in pseudo-code)
> foreach(containment, new Corona()->containments()) {
>   foreach(applet, containment->applets()) {
>     if( applet->pluginName() == "..." ) {
>          // show indicator
>     }
>   }
> }


> 2) make keyboard layout applet exposes some dbus to make it detectable
> when running (feels a bit too "heavy")

Yes. Better. Why does it feel heavy? I'd venture the thought that doing so 
could expose the keybaord layout applet in such a way that it also could do 
something usefull (like changing layouts for example :-) )

> It felt like there must be a way currently to use dbus on plasma to
> query running applets (which would the easiest way to implement what I
> need) but could not find anything like that in org.kde.plasma-desktop

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