FindKActivities.cmake missing from kdelibs KDE/4.7 ?

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Mon Oct 17 18:10:57 BST 2011


kde-workspace trunk is supposed to be compiled against kdelibs KDE/4.7, right?

For me it seems that FindKActivities.cmake is missing then in kdelibs KDE/4.7 
or kde-workspace trunk. Because kde-workspace/CMakeLists.txt has the line
find_package(KActivities REQUIRED)

But there is nowhere a FindKActivities.cmake for me:

koder at kleks: ~/Kode/kdegit/KDE$ find kdelibs -name FindKActivities.cmake
koder at kleks: ~/Kode/kdegit/KDE$ find kde-workspace -name FindKActivities.cmake
koder at kleks: ~/Kode/kdegit/KDE$

Is something wrong with my setup? Or does just everyone have some stale 
FindKActivities.cmake in their install files from recent experiments with 
other branches, so cmake can pick it up?

Searched the webs and found a FindKActivities.cmake *, put that in the cmake 
install modules dir and finally kde-workspace build fine for me.

Did not follow all recent threads, so I may have missed something. So is this 
a bug, shall I provide a patch (unless someone beats me to it)? For kdelibs?


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