Review Request: W7 Tab thumbnails in dolphin.

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Wed Oct 5 01:52:29 BST 2011

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Review request for KDE Base Apps, KDE Accessibility, kdewin, Plasma, Patrick Spendrin, and Peter Penz.


Add Windows 7 tab thumbnails feature to dolphin.
Mostly based on the example from <>.

An icon representation is used instead of actual thumbnails ( please agree that those microscopic previews are not useful at all ;] ). Changing an icon when url changes is also easier than checking all the time whether something inside the window has been changed. Using icons is a lot more KDE-ish and therefore more beautiful and user-friendly than the default Windows behavior ;).

"win7utils.h" and "win7utils.cpp" are from <> with few adaptations.


  dolphin/src/CMakeLists.txt 93225c5 
  dolphin/src/dolphinapplication.h 69d07c3 
  dolphin/src/dolphinapplication.cpp 0dc9c96 
  dolphin/src/dolphinmainwindow.h 9fb83bf 
  dolphin/src/dolphinmainwindow.cpp 6ca6e59 
  dolphin/src/platform/win7utils.h PRE-CREATION 
  dolphin/src/platform/win7utils.cpp PRE-CREATION 



Tested using MSVC 2010 32 bit, in a Windows 7 64 bit machine.

May need testing:
- Compiling under mingw-w32 and mingw-w64
- Using Windows Vista or below to ensure there are no side-efects on a box without this feature.
- Using Windows 8 (I don't know much about its bugs^H^H^H^Hfeatures ;] )

Known problems:
- There is no way to know if KTabBar got a tab reordered, so the "thumbnails" won't be reordered, but their reference is still correct
- Undefined behavior when dolphin gets unresponsive [e.g.: because of a defective kioslave], most of the code assume dolphin is okay [e.g.: QPixmap::grabWidget won't work in a frozen window]. 


More Tabs!
Too many tabs!


Andrius da Costa Ribas

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