The future of Power Management - together with Activities

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Sun Oct 2 16:04:50 BST 2011

On Saturday 01 October 2011 16:27:48 Dario Freddi wrote:
> Hello all, and sorry for cross-posting.
> Hopefully, this solution will please everyone and will make activities even 
> more useful. Do you like it? More suggestions? Speak now or shut up forever!
Hi all,

I urge everyone to calm down about this subject. By now I think Dario and the other Solid hackers have explained quite 
good what they want to do and sorry to say so most comments on the thread are just triggered by being badly informed.

I did not understand the idea from Dario's first mail either, but now I have got the idea and completely trust in the decision 
of the experts. I am reassured that the manual tweaking is still possible - and I personally only change screen brightness 
and turn off wifi to save power. Everything else is to do the opposite and there activities are a perfect solution. If I am in 
the activity "watching video" I do not want the screen to blank. Using activities for such advanced features is as good as 
using anything else.

So please calmn down and lets focus on improving the user experience by not spending too much time on too long 

Thanks all and keep hacking
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