The future of Power Management - together with Activities

Thomas Zander zander at
Sun Oct 2 11:31:53 BST 2011

> > > So I think there are more settings then display brightness (that
> > > you usually can control anyway with an Fn shortcut on laptops).
> > 
> > Again, as I said before, I am pretty sure there are no settings except
> > brightness which require you to change to a different profile - in
> > fact, there is a reason why brightness handling works this way at the
> > moment.
> You keep saying this, but sorry, I can just as well keep saying the
> opposite. :) Do you have some research showing this is true? If this is
> true, why would we have power magement configurations at all? Just as
> with turning off wifi with a hardware button, brightness can be changed
> from the hardware (well, software,  but usually independent of the
> running OS).
> Certainly CPU wakeups, disk, perfipherials, etc. have an impact on
> battery life.
> What should be configurable is another thing. In perfect life, indeed we
> should just have good defaults.

It looks a bit to me like you two are talking about different things, and they 
are not the opposite of each other either ;)  So maybe you don't disagree 
after all.

Point in fact; the power management profiles configure only this;
  * cpu policy
  * brightness (default, you can still adjust)
  * auto-suspend timeout.
  * button handling.
So we are talking *only* about your ability to change those.  Lets leave out 
things like 'disk' 'perfipherials' etc. since they are not what this discussion 
is about. They can be discussed later :)

The point made by Dario is that there is no usecase stated yet where people 
need to create a new power usage profile.
This is supported by the fact that you can and always will be able to change 
the brightness without changing profile.

So, Andras, if you take into account that adjusting brightness doesn't require 
you to create a new profile or activity.  Also take into account that things 
like turning off the wifi is just not something that powermanagement does, so it 
falls outside of this discussion (usage won't change).
Can you perhaps state a situation where you require the creation of a power 
profile in order to support your usage?

I think its useful to word it like that since if you are worried about a 
specific and exact situation you can explain, than I think this is the best way 
to take your wishes into account :)  I have great experience with those guys 
changing their point of view if you can show a good usecase which they did not 
think about yet.

Thomas Zander

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