Review Request 101486 (Q/KComboBox related KConfigDialogManager change) breaks apps

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Nov 30 20:50:41 GMT 2011


just came around to notice this now, but the mentioned code-change from
the review request:
actually does break apps. In particular it breaks kdevelop. We have a
KComboBox subclass which actually wants to store a custom
string-property into the kconfig file and not an index. At the same time
the combobox is not editable, but the strings are user-supplied (in a
separate widget somewhere else). So storing the string is fine and
actually necessary since the order is undefined over restarts.

The commit 8edc1932ecc62370d9a31836dfa9b2bd0175a293 and
d44186bce4670d2985fb6aba8dba59bbd2c4c77a changed the
kconfigdialogmanager to first check for q/kcombobox style and then
enforces using the index or the text depending on the editable-flag. The
reason for that is that QCombobox in Qt 4.8 changed its behaviour and
exposes its currentIndex roperty as a user-proeprty. This leads to
storing the index of user-editable comboboxes instead of the text, which
is wrong and even dangerous. IMHO it should be reverted in Qt, but I
doubt its going to happen and hence not worth spending time on.

Since nonetheless there's the case of breaking existing apps with this
change, I'd like to check other peoples opinions on adding some more
logic to the kconfigdialogmanager's code so that if the user-property
comes from a pure Q/KCombobox (i.e. not a subclass) and is currentIndex
its ignored, otherwise its taken account.

I'm not sending a review-request yet since I don't have a patch and
first have to setup a kdelibs dev env anyway. So if there are objections
to adding such logic I'd like to spare the time for the setup.

For KDevelop we have a workaround now by setting the kcfg_property
special property which again overrules the hardcoded handling for


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