Is BugID 48062 worth all this?

Markus Slopianka markus.s at
Wed Nov 23 02:45:37 GMT 2011

The bug report is asking to let Mouse button 4 act as ALT key in order to move windows 
pressing buttons 1 and 4 at the same time.
That is definitely just a complicated mess.

Assigning shortcuts to mouse buttons as in 96431: Cool.
Bug 48062: Crap.

In any case: That's not even a KDE bug – should be closed as UPSTREAM in any case.


On Mittwoch 23 November 2011 02:54:29 Rick Stockton wrote:
> I need advice- do the masters of KDE consider
> to be important?
> It's got a ton of votes, but I'll SWAG that a majority opf those votes
> were really votes for -- get
> higher-numbered mouse buttons into the shortcut system. Most of the
> comments in 48062 are actually about that subject, as is the attachment
> ("perform the Alt-L action when a mouse button is pressed.")
> This is only about mouse buttons replacing modifier keys, you' still
> have to press something ELSE to get a "keypress with modifier" Event.
> And, it will be messy to obtain and maintain a "miniaturize" mouse
> button State mask structure for this, within Qt; I might have to require
> users to re-Press, and then hold, the "modifier button which they are
> trying to invoke for the next keystroke (And fail to emulate in the case
> of entering the Window with the a "modifier" Button _already_ within
> pressed State.
> Remember- I only have 5 Mouse Button State bits in the Xi Version 1
> Events, anything more I'll after to acquire (or build) on my own. And
> since Button 1 is already doing Gestures; and Button 3 is already doing
> Context Menu (or other things); and Button4/Button5 don't behave as
> actual buttons-- the only lower-numbered button which remains
> 'more-or-less-free-to-use, without problems' is MiddleButton -- and on a
> lot of hardware, MidddleButton is really, REALLY hard to press.
> So I think that the feature is useless, unless we support high-numbered
> buttons as the modifier keys.
> If you guys vote "yes, it's useful" then I'll try to ping the current
> bug owner, who hasn't made a 'comment' appearance in quite a while
> recently. I'll ask the current assignee if I can take it, and try to get
> it done within Qt. (That's the appropriate level of the software stack
> for this kind of Event Translation code.) If you guys vote "No, more
> confusing than useful, and it looks really difficult to do" then let's
> reject it. With the explanation that it's an overly specialized, and
> technically difficult, case of shortcuts- with a better approach defined
> by bug 96431. Not an exact duplicate, but with the users' needs more
> fully met by spending our time with that RFE instead.
> I watch the list for votes. Email works, too ;)

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