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Dario Freddi drf54321 at
Tue Nov 22 22:37:32 GMT 2011


2011/11/16 Albert Astals Cid <aacid at>:
> In case someone is interested since it has never mentioned in this list, there
> is a frameworks mailing list at kde-frameworks-devel

I won't comment on having a separate list or whatever, since that has
been discussed long enough up to now, and I am quite favorable towards
the arguments Aaron brought for justifying the choice.

However, I am in strong disagreement with the attitude this thing is
taking off with. When I saw the mail about the IRC meeting I had a
good laugh, because I really felt like being fooled. People were
basically complaining about the fact that people were not getting the
framework thing right when nobody ever mentioned the creation of that
list. Solution? Well, let's set up an IRC meeting to discuss that...
in between the developers in frameworks.

Sure, we talked about that in Randa, but as soon as somebody
disappears from the loop for a few weeks, he's kind of lost. I will
gladly attend that meeting because I don't plan to stop contributing
to KDE, whatever is going on these days, but I am severely
disappointed with how this whole situation is being handled. A lot of
potential and precious contributors are being probably left out just
for the sake of signal/noise ratio (hopefully not for something else),
and I am afraid this choice will eventually backfire on us. Sorry for
the frustrated tone, but that's pretty much how I feel.

TBH, (just to show I'm being constructive) I would have tried to at
least fix the situation by planning the IRC meeting with a wider
audience, explain the reasoning and ideas behind some choices, and set
the goal clear. Being open has always been our strong point, and I
don't see why we should start creating barriers now.

I just want to see a communication problem here, which I really hope
won't happen again, and is still fixable (btw, what would have
happened if Albert didn't start this thread?). But I hope everyone
keeps in mind that our priority should be valuing the community.
Whereas I agree in the short term less people can take quicker, more
consistent, and to some extent even better decisions, let's remember
KDE is 15 and counting.

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