Requesting freeze exception for JtG

Pau Garcia i Quiles pgquiles at
Tue Nov 22 01:51:25 GMT 2011


Last weekend we had the KDE eV Sprint at Berlin.

For various reasons, financial mainly, it was clear we need to raise
visibility of the Join the Game campaign in order to get more users to
sign up. One of the decisions taken was to add a bit of the Join the
Game text to KDE applications.

Screenshots available here:

To avoid confusion with the Join the Game program, there are slight
changes in "About KDE":  "Join KDE" and "Support KDE" have been
relabeled to "Get involved" and "Donate" respectively.

Why is it important that we get this in now?
- Because 4.8 is probably the last release before 5.0
- Given our history with 4.0, I wouldn't be surprised if users and
distributions avoid 5.0 as the default, or even altogether
- This means either the Join the Game propaganda goes in for 4.8, or
it will not arrive to our users before 18-24 months (~12 months till
5.0 + 6 months for 5.1 + distributions delay + ...). No matter how
optimistic we are about releasing 5.0 soon, history shows there are
always delays.
- We cannot wait 18 months

There are no API changes involved. This is not exactly a "feature" either.

Code is available in the origin-KDE/4.7 branch here:
git at

If you'd rather see it in web:

Given that we are already feature frozen, I am hereby requesting a
freeze exception for the following:
- Adding a new menu subheader ("Support KDE: Join the Game")
- Adding new dialog with three tabs (KJoinTheGame). The text of these
tabs is essentially the same as the first three columns in

This will require a message freeze exception, which I have already requested.

Pau Garcia i Quiles
(Due to my workload, I may need 10 days to answer)

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