Date for IRC meeting about

Mario Fux kde-ml at
Mon Nov 21 11:06:20 GMT 2011

Am Sonntag 20 November 2011, 20.08:11 schrieb Alexander Neundorf:


First: I'm subscribed to both lists so no need to CC: me.
> > According to our Doodle [1] we found a date which works for everybody,
> > great!
> > 
> > It's Sunday, the 4th of December at 20:00 (UTC).
> Just to make sure: that's 21:00 CET (german) time, right ?

Yes that's right. For other time zones here is a link to a tz converter:

> Which channel, actually ?

Sorry, forgot this: #kde-devel

> Do we have/need something like an agenda ?

I think there will be an more precise agenda but this is not done by me (who 
is just a helper) but by some frameworks developers.


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