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Hi folks, last month a team of three young developers and one
non-devel were sponsored by Google to Google's first documentation
sprint, along with 3 other teams: OpenMRS, OpenStreetMaps, and Sahana
Eden. Each team wrote a book that week which was published on the site, and each of use got a copy of the book we had
written, which was just amazing! Printed copies are available for
purchase from [0].

The beauty of the process is that the text, layout, artwork and other
aspects of the book can be edited and updated, then published whenever
we like. In our case, we wrote a short manual for new KDE developers
to get all set up to create patches, dive into application
development, or even start work on our KDE base framework. While we
think what we produced is pretty good, we know that it can be
improved, and maybe even needs some corrections. We’ve assigned the
e.V. ownership of the book, and they will set the pricing for printed
copies. It is available as an ePub as well as PDF, and is readable on
the web at [1]. It was quite a thrill to see our book on my Kindle!

If you are interested, please read through it, and if you want to
edit, create an account at flossmanuals and edit the book here [2].

To get in touch with people already involved in editing and publishing
process of the book , you may send an email to
<kde-book-creation at> or find us on irc-freenode
channel #kde-doc-sprint.

All the best,

Valorie, Karan, Supreet, and Rohan


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