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Thu Nov 17 18:53:55 GMT 2011

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(Updated Nov. 17, 2011, 6:53 p.m.)

Review request for kdelibs.


I'm now using KMimeType::extractKnownExtension as the set filter is not necessarily a MimeType filter (can be also just *.cpp etc.)
And if the KFileWidget is used with an uncommon filter which is not a known MimeType, I fall back to get the last part of the filename after
the dot as with my first patch.


In trying to fix mentioned bug, I found out the original problem lies in KFileWidget:
If I'm editing a JPEG file which has the non-mainExtension ".jpg" and KFileWidget was told to auto-select an extension,
then it did not check if the already given extension is one which is also allowed and simply removed
".jpg" and added ".jpeg", which is not what a user would expect.

This patch now checks the current extension against all allowed extensions and if there's a match, it
keeps the current extension. Only otherwise will it add the default extension.

This addresses bug 229547.

Diffs (updated)

  kfile/kfilewidget.cpp 09b86d4 



Used kolourpaint with "name.jpg", "name.jpeg", "name.", "name", "name.tif", "name.tiff"


Martin Koller

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