New Feature for kdelibs (Was: The case for a kdelibs 4.8)

Scott Kitterman kde at
Tue Nov 15 18:17:45 GMT 2011

Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler at> wrote:

>Andrea Diamantini wrote:
>> Ok, let's wait 18 months to see private browsing fixed. Going to
>> bug reports...
>Try nagging distros to backport your (or your contributors') patches. 
>Unfortunately, it looks like trying to convince the kdelibs maintainers
>KDE is a lost cause, as you can see from this and other threads. :-(
>just don't care about their users anymore, instead focusing only on
>ideal future.
>I talked to my fellow Fedora KDE packagers on IRC today and it looks
>we'll be "backporting" (or rather, applying, since 4.x is what they got
>developed against) the kde#54300 patches.
>Of course, whenever you ask distros to backport features, it helps if
>can already offer a patch(set) against 4.x (as is the case for the
>patches), since backporting from Frameworks is more work. (Whether the
>is against 4.8, 4.7 or even 4.6 usually won't matter, as long as it's

It is probably worth a discussion on packagers to share cross-distro ideas about what kdelibs feature patches to ship with 4.8. Having some commonality at least among the distros seemslike a good idea to me.

Scott K

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