Review Request: [kio_sftp] Implement SlaveBase::copy to make file upload/download faster

Dawit Alemayehu adawit at
Thu Nov 10 22:39:56 GMT 2011

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Review request for KDE Runtime and Andreas Schneider.


The attached patch:

- Implements SlaveBase::copy so that copying to and from the local filesystem is optimized. This makes the common use case of uploading and downloading to and from the local file system much much faster.
- Sends the correct mime-type information when download a file from remote server.


  kioslave/sftp/kio_sftp.h c937e2e 
  kioslave/sftp/kio_sftp.cpp adc918a 
  kioslave/sftp/sftp.protocol 696647d 



- Upload a large file from local file system to sftp server, cancel while still in progress and redo the upload.
- Download a large file from sftp server to file system, cancel while still in progress and redo the download.
- Repeat steps #1 and #2 with a list of files instead of just one large file.
- Repeat the above steps after disabling "Mark partially uploaded files".


Dawit Alemayehu

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