New Feature for kdelibs (Was: The case for a kdelibs 4.8)

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Thu Nov 10 15:54:33 GMT 2011

2011/11/10 Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at>

> On Wednesday, November 9, 2011 23:44:21 Andrea Diamantini wrote:
> > 4.x is where I'm living/fighting/coding/writing now.
> for apps and workspaces, that is perfect. we don't want to disrupt app and
> workspace development while we get kdelibs prepped for the next major
> release.
> > I'm sorry to say, in my mind next version of kdelibs is 4.8.
> your mind is wrong. whatever the version number might end up saying
> (probably
> to keep packagers and users from confusion) it'll be the 4.7 code base with
> continued bug fixes applied :)
> > And it will be based on the upcoming (not yet released) Qt 4.8.
> sure; but this is a non-relevant detail.
> > Thinking about "frameworks" without having yet a decent idea of what
> will be
> > Qt5 is impossible for me.
> actually, Qt5 is irrelevant to most of the work that needs to be done in
> frameworks. we can, and are, working against Qt4 right now. most of the
> work
> is modularization and modernization (while preserving source compatibility)

Ok, stupid question then. Why aren't we releasing this as kdelibs 4.8?

> we are merging some things upstream into Qt5, and the things that are
> merged
> upstream are going into a small temporary library call libinqt (lib in qt
> ;).
> when Qt5 arrives, that library will go away and we will be able to move to
> basing frameworks on Qt5. between now and then there is a lot of work on
> the
> modularization and modernization work.
> for instance, Sune's proposal to improve KNotification requires absolutely
> nothing from Qt5. having that done before Qt5 arrives would actually be a
> bonus as we wouldn't have to juggle too many different kinds of changes at
> once.
> i do recognize that there is not enough documented plans and direction for
> frameworks 5. there are a handful of wiki pages but they do not contain
> enough
> information; too much of that still resides in the heads of just a few
> people.
> to help address that, i'm hosting an irc meeting in a couple weeks with
> people
> currently working on frameworks 5 with the aim of pulling together clearly
> documented goals, tasks and milestones. the date has not been fixed yet,
> once
> it is i will announce it here as well so interested parties can join.
> i hope that with further documentation and clairty of goals that others
> will
> be able to see how they can get involved with frameworks and why now is a
> good
> time to do so.

I hope that, too :)

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