GammaRay - Introspection/Debugging Tool for Qt Applications

Volker Krause vkrause at
Wed Nov 2 20:28:42 GMT 2011

On Wednesday 02 November 2011 20:39:02 Peter K├╝mmel wrote:
> What is the status of windll? It doesn't work here.
> Only a prove of principle?

I can't test myself, but the GammaRay Windows team (Andreas Holzammer, Nicolas 
Arnaud-Cormos and Patrick Spendrin, most of whom you probably know from KDE 
Windows already) tells me it works with MSVC 2008/2010 on x86 32/64bit debug 
builds and sometimes 32bit release builds. At least it does in the 1.0 branch, 
there might be recent breakage in master of course.

> Why do you not use QProcess to start the process in launch?
> If you aren't already busy on windll I could have a look at it.
> And is this list the right list to discuss GammaRay, especially
> when it comes to win32?

We don't have a dedicated list (yet), for Windows-specific issues it might be 
best to talk to the guys listed above directly (note that Andy (who did most 
of the work) just left for a 4 week Internet-free vacation, and Nicolas is 
probably not subscribed here).

I'm not aware of any of them currently working on that injector, your help is 
of course very much welcome :)


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