[Kde-cvs-announce] KDE SC 4.8 Soft Feature Freeze

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Tue Nov 1 04:32:38 GMT 2011

Valentin Rusu wrote:

> On 10/31/2011 01:01 PM, Allen Winter wrote:
>> [Release Team added to the discussion]
> [also adding kde-core]
>> On Sunday 30 October 2011 5:09:47 PM Valentin Rusu wrote:
>>> 2. code under a kdelibs branch may be merged to the to be 4.8 branch?
>> I don't know.
>> We've never had this situation with kdelibs before.
>> In theory, KSecretService is a new feature for kdelibs and as long as it
>> passes review before 10 November it should be allowed in KDE SC 4.8.
>> OTOH: we've been "unofficially" making noise that kdelibs is frozen
>> except for bug fixes.
>> I'm of the opinion that KSecretService can be released with kdelibs 4.8
>> as long as it passes review.
> I'd be glad to get it into 4.8, as others would start testing it and
> eventually (or better surely) filing bug reports. That would be very
> helpful.

What about my Plasma PackageKit integration work? This has been in 
ReviewBoard for a while, but not pushed because there was no branch to push 
it to, and the reviews also got stuck because of this issue (which means 
they would need to be approved, of course).

        Kevin Kofler

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