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On Tuesday, May 31, 2011 19:38:20 Lubos Lunak wrote:
> separate process, what is the gain of the UI separation (this is not a
> rhetoric question)?

so that we can easily change the UI, have multiple UIs, combine it with other 
features in future .. all without touching the business logic code, which is 
often the parts that are the most tricky, easiest to share and need to change 
the least over time.
> > Note that if it is converted to a dataengine/plasmoid, the Gnome users
> > we have will hate us.
>  The only UI from Klipper I care to see are the history and action popups,
> so if this meant I'd need to have a plasmoid somewhere just to remind me
> that a a functionality I consider core exists, then count me in.

as opposed to an icon in the system tray? because plasmoids can (and do) live 
there too. (battery, network, etc)

rather, if you're trying to avoid running a plasma shell (plasma-desktop, 
etc), that's not particularly the use case we're developing for. 

however, with core/UI separation, you could easily write an alternative UI 
without much effort.

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