Command line options stripped for KUniqueApplication

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Fri May 27 10:54:23 BST 2011

On Thursday, May 26, 2011 21:10:07 Urban Widmark wrote:
> The kde (and qt, kuniqueapp) command line options are stripped when
> using the KUniqueApplication class (saveAppArgs()/loadAppArgs()). I
> believe a KApplication never has them removed.
> Some options are useful for an application to receive, even if it
> already has an initial window. I am looking at this from wanting to be
> able to do "konsole --geometry 80x60+0+0" and have it open a window of
> that size and position. Classic X geometry is either pixels or
> characters, and only the application itself can know what it wants (or
> for konsole perhaps how to interpret a certain size, given the tabs
> and menus it has).
> Examples of options that can be useful per-window are --title
> --caption --fg --bg --fn. Perhaps I missed some.
> Is the reason for stripping options that they should only affect the
> initial instance of a KUniqueApplication? If so could it be an

yes; and your suggestion probably makes sense.

one other little "gotcha" is that some unique apps do open a new window when 
launched a second time, just in the same process. it would be really nice if 
such applications could note that they do so and thus always leave the flags 

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