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Thu May 26 19:53:46 BST 2011


Two fixes to KMainWindow::parseGeometry().

The method takes a parameter, parsewidth, which if set makes it *only*
update the size of the window. Otherwise it only updates the position.
That makes no sense, an X geometry can be both position and size.
This patch changes what the flag does so that if set it will only
update size, otherwise it will update both position and size. This to
(hopefully) keep KMainWindow::restoreWindowSize() happy.

For position updates the code uses geometry().x()/y() for positive
coordinates. But geometry() is not the parsed geometry string, and
will be 0,0 for a new window. This causes a fun effect where only
negative coordinates work.

Posting here to get some feedback. If it looks ok (or you are all too
busy with the 4.7 release) I'll attach it to what seems to be the main
bug for this:
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