getting rid of qt3support in kde-workspace

Alex Richardson alex.richardson at
Wed May 25 21:36:58 BST 2011

Am Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011, 17:48:42 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:
> hi :)
> i just finished pushing a set of changes to the (ironically named?)
> qt3support branch in kde-workspace which leaves no traces of qt3support or
> kde3support left in that module. huzzah!
> i'm ok with holding on to the branch until 4.8, but if there is interest in
> getting this into 4.7 it should be a fairly safe merge and would allow
> distributors to ship kde-workspace without a dependency on qt3/kde3support.
> my concern is that we have beta1 out now and it might be too late in the
> release cycle for this.
> i'm fine either way, though i wouldn't mind seeing it in 4.7, and look
> forward to your suggestions ...

I have a mostly finished port of kmenuedit on my machine. It uses a model/view 
based interface instead of the QTreeWidget.

I could push it to a repo so that you can test how well it works.


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