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Tue May 17 15:03:14 BST 2011

On 16 May 2011 22:32, Eike Hein <hein at kde.org> wrote:
> On 5/17/2011 4:07 AM, Steven Sroka wrote:
>> Unfortunately, what would be considered *extra* would be based on
>> subjective opinions.
> Subjective, and you're also sort of implying that the
> current placement of things in workspace isn't already
> the result of a thought and decision process, while not
> actually having done your homework yet on what the pur-
> pose of the components in question is (see the other
> mail describing what Klipper's main function is).
> You've also provided no actual arguments for why the
> workspace package should even strive to be minimal and
> should limit itself to "core" functionality instead of
> striving to be a highly featured workspace package.
> "It's been bugging me" isn't exactly high-fidelity,
> you have to admit! :)

True, true. I orginally didn't want to spark a discussion about this.
I just found it odd that Klipper was part of the same package of kwin,
plasma-desktop, etc. I didn't realized how X11 was when it came to

> Sorry but that doesn't cut it - starting a discussion
> like this on that sort of rickety foundation is likely
> to end up as a http://bikeshed.org/ discussion because
> the quality bar for participation is already so low:
> It's easy to have an opinion, but hard to argue for it,
> so everybody will chime in with a few quick words, and
> it won't amount to anything substantial.
> Wanting to shape the product is awesome (we need more
> people looking at the big picture), but the only way to
> have debate like this is to do the up-front work so a
> thread can hit the ground running.
> I'd say let's close this up for the moment, and perhaps
> revisit the topic of coming up with a definition of
> what constitutes our "workspace" package and what attri-
> butes components ought to have for inclusion at a later
> date.

Exactly. Do I hear KDE5? :)

> --
> Best regards,
> Eike Hein

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